Heritage Collection Review with Customer Picture

It’s easy for me to be excited about Winners Only furniture.  I’m around furniture all day and I have many thousands of hours comparing different lines of furniture to each other.  I’ve got dozens of postings droning on and on about the quality of Winners Only desks and Winners Only quality furniture.  It’s nice to actually hear a customer review once in a while.   This post has a customer review of the modular Heritage collection by Winners Only in the Oak wood and Burnished Oak Finish.  (Here is a link to the Heritage peninsula desk on our site.)

Before we begin on the review, first I’ll preface with the fact that I actually assisted this customer from start to finish with her purchase… and the fact is, I actually had to sell/consult her on the Winners Only collection.  This particular customer had actually made a purchase on Macy’s.com for an oak finished partners desks (around the same price as our Winners Only collection, a little less actually.)  And the only reason she was back on the market for a similar style desk was because Macy’s was out of stock on the desk she had ordered till April.

I look at my role as consultant.  I listen to what my customers are looking for and what their needs actually are and based on my own evaluations about their needs, I offer my clients solutions.  In this case, based on the customers style/color and penchant for quality in-spite of all the #$%# that is available out there, I made a winning case for her to try the Winners Only Heritage collection (which we just happened to also have IN STOCK.)

The truth is, the case was not and the customer was not, an easy sale.  She was very concerned about me… could she trust me?  Could she trust our company?  Was she going to get a quality product?  I mean it’s easy to put that faith into a company like Macy’s; but could she put that faith into a young guy from Southern California?  After-all, it’s not like she was reading my blog or had any clue she was probably talking to one of the most well educated salesman about Winners Only quality…

I made some pretty convincing arguments.  Right before the sale, probably the most prolific sales point I made for her about the quality of the desk was: “Lynn, this is not ‘silly furniture’… this is the real deal… you won’t be embarrassed or surprised.”  And for as simple and obvious a statement as that is, about Winners Only quality, it resonated with her and it was after that moment of simple clarity that we wrote up the order.

4 weeks later, Lynn was delivered her Heritage peninsula desk.  Now, I literally have thousands of customers.  And still, nonetheless, as a tribute (I guess) to my true desire to do right by my customers, I’m always nervous prior to delivery day.  I’m not sitting by my desk top pushing refresh on my outlook email account, waiting for that positive review.  But, I am constantly thinking about my customers and hoping that my analysis of the customers needs and the sales message I gave them was on key with their true needs.  I do take personal pride in my customers actually getting what they want!  4 weeks later I received an email from Lynn.

She writes:


The furniture arrived Friday while I was out of town.  I had two men here to receive the furniture.  The company put the desk together and from what I discovered tonight, hide the cracked and broken side of the shelf book case by putting it in the interior next to another bookcase.  I had to move the bottom sections tonight as they were on the wrong side which is when I located the cracked side.  Now, it can be hidden by keeping it in the same location but certainly I did not pay for a damaged book shelf.

Whereas it may seem like an obvious misstep on the part of our delivery company, what most customers don’t realize is that just like we have a great relationship with our customers we have an even better relationship with our delivery guys.   They are not just random dudes we picked-up off of craigslist.  These guys are the hardest working guys in America and they work with Millions of dollars worth of furniture and in our customers very expensive and personal homes.   If they pull a move like the one Lynn described above, we are not only surprised about it; but it’s not likely the full scenario.  In any case, we spoke with the delivery team and they signed an affidavit swearing that they did not damage the merchandise and hide it from the customer.  We nonetheless did the correct thing and replaced the damaged piece at no charge to the customer.

Now it’s not my intention to toot our own horn… rather to relay the facts of the business to consumers interested in purchasing Winners Only product… and interested in buying it from our store.   There is a chance that something goes wrong… it can happen to anybody.  When you work with us, it’s simple, we just simply take care of you… end of story.  I’m not in this business to make millions of dollars; I’m in this business because I love the industry; I love our customers… and I love the challenges.  We’ll take care of you.

Here is Lynn’s email about her desk:

Thanks Milan.  I was a bit bummed but am hopeful we can work it out.  Sat at the desk all day today for the first time and so far am liking everything I am using.  Let me know if you need anything else from us to help with the claim.

As you recall, this is the first piece of furniture I have purchase sight unseen and I am pleased with the selection and the process.  I am sure we can work something out.

And here is a picture of Lynn’s Winners Only Heritage Oak Peninsula Desk:

A picture of Lynn's Oak Heritage Collection by Winners Only.

In conclusion:

The Heritage collection by Winners Only is a fine piece of furniture.  It’s not a “silly” flimsy product.  And buying it from me ensures that you get the product delivered without a hitch… most of the time.

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