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As most readers of this blog know, I’m passionate about customer service and about Winners Only Furniture.  I love the line because of the quality of the components used to create the furniture and as an extension of that, because my customers LOVE the furniture upon receipt.  There are a lot of products available in the marketplace, I’m proud to say, for the style/look, quality and price the Winners Only line is the best value in the US market.   The Metro collection in itself is no exception to this rule.  This page describes the sales process of one of our customers and the follow-up positive review of the Metro Collection peninsula desk by Winners Only.  Even I have to admit, sometimes it’s just better said by an actual customer!  (You can find the actual metro peninsula desk here.)

Chris first contacted me interested in a desk from another very nice line that we carry, Aspen Home Furniture.   I noticed on our first conversation that Chris was/is very sure of what he wants and that he was/is not going to put up with something that is less than stellar quality.  He is the type of customer we in the furniture industry would call “picky” and difficult to please at delivery.   Additionally, being that he had been out of work for some time, he was very conscious and sensitive to pricing.   Nonetheless, I had successfully sold Chris on the Aspen Home peninsula desk and had written up the order, only to find out that Aspen was missing a few of the key components and that the product had recently been discontinued.

I had already known that Chris wasn’t the type of customer that made decisions lightly or flippantly.  I knew that in the resale process I’d have to pull out all the “big guns” to earn back his trust and time!   I quickly went to Winners Only.  The reason I turned to Winners Only as a replacement was because I knew that while, in this case the price was/is slightly higher than the Aspen Home desk; the quality features of the desk would impress the client.. and that for this particular client, quality was going to be a big deal come delivery day.

At first Chris was obviously very disappointed and actually went on a hiatus for a couple of weeks.  The desk he had committed to purchasing was as I had anticipated, the perfect solution for his needs… and as mentioned he was not the type to just quickly switch.  I stayed in touch with him over  a few weeks, emailing him once in a while to just “check in” and to make sure he felt comfortable with us.   Eventually, my emails, additional images and reassurances and after his own research, Chris decided that buying the Winners Only Metro Collection was in fact, the best solution to his needs!

As a salesman it definitely feels good to finally close a prospect… especially after such an initial disappointment.  And I truly did work hard for this particular sale… and Chris, certainly worked hard right back at us.  As I had mentioned earlier, price was a very big concern for Chris.  He was recently coming off of unemployment for an extended period and he simply couldn’t afford to make a mistake… or pay too much for his merchandise.  Chris was able to find a low-cost vendor willing to sell the product for 10% less than our already low-price.  After some research, I discovered that the vendor doesn’t have the greatest track record online with customers… and that they use the least expensive and biggest pain-in-the-neck delivery company in the USA.   Contrast that with us, we use the BEST delivery company in the USA (and pay a bit of a premium for the privilege.)  And we have an excellent reputation, for always doing what is right.

Nonetheless, we agreed on a price and all parties were happy.

Here is Chris’ follow-up review:


The desk arrived this past Monday and we could not be happier with what we ordered.  You certainly lead us in the right direction.  In fact, even though we went with the less expensive delivery service, they were great too!  The guys brought everything into the house, took it upstairs, unpacked it, put it all together, and pushed it into place exactly where we wanted it.  
One issue though… Now that we have the desk, we realize that we are in need of an additional piece.  I would like to order another Computer Unit, Model PM132CN2, from the Metro Collection as listed below.

I chuckled when I read this.  In order to try and get Chris to come up a bit on the pricing I had explained to him the differences between our delivery method and the competitors method.  In the end I left it up to him, we’d price match and use the less expensive delivery company or if  he helped a bit on the price, we’d use our better delivery company.   The ruse backfired when he chose the better price.  As a company we’d NEVER use the company that our competitor uses.  It’s just simply not worth the hassle or the embarrassment.  What Chris doesn’t realize is that those excellent delivery guys came from our more expensive systems (he essentially got a free upgrade…)

(Disclaimer: I don’t typically attempt to “ruse” a customer.  Being online our business is based on trust; I had essentially given the customer the option to show that there was a difference… and the value of the difference.  What most people don’t realize is that when you buy something, like a winners only desk, you aren’t just buying the furniture, but the delivery experience also.  I had expected Chris to recognize the value of our better delivery systems; when he didn’t I had it in mind to “tell” him we’d upgrade him anyway, it appeared through his email that it had slipped my mind!  Nonetheless, in this case, the “ruse” was harmless and an effort to educate the client in a non-educational manner!”)

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