Getting A Winners Only Hardware Pack

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During the process of moving, unless you are extremely careful it not uncommon to lose screws and bolts.  If you’ve recently lost the hardware to one of your more recent Winners Only models, email with the model number of the hardware pack that you need.  The cost is $49 per packet (free shipping); and will save you a frustrating trip to the hardware store.


We don’t guarantee that we will have every hardware pack from every Winners Only item… but, we’ll do our best for our customers!

Tips for Moving without losing your bolts and screws:

  • Place any bolts that go together onto a piece of masking tape and fold together
  • Place taped bolts into a plastic bag and label the bag for the section of furniture it belongs
  • Tape bag to the furniture (not directly on the finish)

If you need Winners Only Parts, email  Or call us 866.794.8861 x 3.


Buying A Winners Only Key

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As a tribute to the Winners Only quality, when people buy a Roll Top Oak Winners Only Desk it generally lasts over 20 years.  One of the negative side affects, if you can call it “negative”  is that customers have the tendency to lose that damn golden Key!  If you have lost the key to your Winners Only Desk key, don’t worry Furniture From Home is here to save the day!  Visit this link to buy the Roll Top Desk Key, it’s $49 + $7 shipping.

And by the way, the next time you are in the market for Winners Only Furniture, get a quote from us, we not only have the best prices on the net, when you buy Winners Only from our furniture store, we’ll give you in-stock parts (like the key), free!

Your Winners Only Key’s will be good with any late model Winners Only roll top desks, and the following models:

K157R Roll Top Desk from Winners Only Furniture