Shipping Winners Only Furniture Internationally

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Our store has plenty of experience shipping furniture internationally.  We have helped consumers plan entire container loads; individual shipments and everything in between.  We’ve shipped furniture to: UK; Japan; Malaysia; South Africa; Australia and Italy.  For a shipping quote or for more information about shipping furniture overseas, don’t hesitate to call us toll free 866.794.8861 x 3 (M-F 9am – 5pm).  Or email us

Here are the steps we take to ensure a safe voyage overseas:


It is exceedingly important that we inspect and repackage any shipments headed overseas.  By doing such we’ll ensure that the shipment arrives without having any issues at delivery.

Freight Forwarding:

It’s important that we choose a freight forwarder that is very familiar with shipping to the area that the order is going to.  What you don’t want is a “jack of all trades” freight forwarder that doesn’t understand or is not familiar with the quality of service provided by the local delivery teams.


No matter how safely you package your furniture there is always the chance that your freight arrives looking like it fell out of a plane or truck.  We never ship anything without adding the maximum allowable insurance to the freight.   Your satisfaction is worth this minor expense.


Plan ahead when shipping furniture internationally.  Shipping via ocean freight is typically your best, least expensive option and this process can take as long as 45 – 60 days from start to finish.


And this is where we really help clients.  We will work with you to consolidate all of your USA based purchases, so that they are all packed together in the same shipment.  This process of consolidation reduces your risk and improves your overall success rate!

We can help you procure and prep your next international winners only furniture order.  Call us today: 866.794.8861 x 3 (M-F 9am – 5pm PST).


Express Shipping Winners Only Furniture

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Considering Winners Only but need it fast?  Call us now, 866.794.8861 x 3 (9am – 5pm PST) email us after hours:, include in the email heading “EXPRESS SHIPPING” and make sure you include the item and SKU of the Winners Only product you want to express ship including all quantities and the ship to ZIP code.

An example of a properly formatted email for an express shipment quote on a Winners Only order looks like this:

Item/SKU/QTY/Ship To Zip

Item 72″ Metro Collection Desk | SKU: P172F | QTY x 1 | Zip 92663

How express shipping Winners Only furniture works:*

Orders placed with our store before noon (PST) are placed and prepped the same day.  Orders are picked-up next day for custom pallet/sizing and packaging (any express freight carrier will destroy the shipment unless this very important step is taken).  Shipments anywhere in the USA takes 2 – 5 days with our express trucks.  You will have your in-stock Winners Only furniture order within 5 – 6 business days.  Express orders do not include assembly and delivery in the home… these services will cause shipping delays.

*Orders shipped within Southern California do not apply to this generic explanation.  We can typically deliver in-stock Winners Only orders in Southern California on the NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

Shipping Time Frames for Winners Only Furniture

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When we ship something from Winners Only we can usually expect John (Winners Only warehouse/shipping manager) to turn around orders within a solid 72 hour period.  What that means is from the time the order is placed with our store to the time it is picked-up from Winners Only the time-frame (for in stock items) is typically 3 days.  From there the total time to deliver is dependent on the follow factors:

1. Geographic location: We ship Winners only furniture from San Diego Ca. so shipping within the west coast typically takes around 5 days; shipping to the East Coast typically takes about 10 days.

2. Service level: In our Furniture Store we offer free shipping and in home set-up.  We accomplish the in-home set-up by consolidating the shipments with local delivery teams.  These local, bonded companies are charged with receiving the merchandise, inspecting it and scheduling a suitable delivery.  This process can take up to 7 days in itself.

All in all with paperwork processing; shipping and then delivery scheduling the normal delivery time frame for our Winners Only Furniture is typically around 3 – 4 weeks from the time the order is placed (for in stock items.)

The time frame for shipping large, furniture items, is pretty standard within the industry to be around 3 – 5 weeks.  Any company advertising anything differently is either taking a step out of the process or paying through the nose for specialized quick carriers.

Why it’s important to understand the shipping time frames for Winners Only:

Many of our customers are either building; remodeling or moving to new homes.  Understanding that your online purchase of Winners Only Furniture is going to take 3 – 5 weeks gives you a chance to plan ahead and make the purchase with plenty of time to receive the furniture.

How does Winners Only compare organizationally to the 75 other furniture manufacturers that we work with?

Winners Only has one the cleanest operations in the furniture industry.  Their turn around time is awesome and their product “cleanliness” is very good.   When we ship something from Winners Only we can count on John and his staff to make sure that the order is placed properly and shipped properly, on time.

Contact us for a quote on your next winners only purchase, 866.794.8661  x 3 or email

Winners Only Factory Store

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When researching to buy a Winners Only desk or other piece of furniture, the question about buying directly from Winners Only Furniture often comes up.  Who wouldn’t want to buy directly from the source?  The reality is that unlike many other commercially sold item(s) in the furniture industry it is rather exceptional when a supplier opens up an actual retail factory store.  There are many reasons for a wholesale furniture supplier to make a conscious, business savvy decision in regard to opening up a factory store.

Winners Only Corner Desk


As with many things in business, the cost of starting and maintaining a factory store is prohibitive.  Establishing a store front and maintaining the branding many times costs more than the efforts are generally out of scope for most factories.


By diversifying the attention of the key employees/founders the company could lose it’s focus on it’s core business; providing affordable, quality furniture to retailers and consumers nationwide.  Opening up a store requires a lot of attention and a lot of vendors don’t want to risk their existing business models for an uncertain success at retail.


In the golden era of furniture retail there was a strict written (if not implied or spoken) adherence to “territories.”  What territories were, were stores in a certain geographical area would not do business with a certain vendor IF that vendor did not “protect” them from another store carrying the product line “down the street.”  In this way the store protected themselves from a “bidding war” for the same product with another store.   Over time this concept of “territory” has been blurred to the point that it is almost a lost cause for both store and supplier.  However, for a factory store to be opened up in the same neighborhood as another retail store would be a major breach of the territory concept… and a risk that most suppliers are adverse to enduring.

Examples of Factory Stores:

Basset Furniture has their own factory stores; as does Klaussner Furniture.  However, the biggest furniture suppliers in the USA with both a wholesale and factory store model is Ashley Furniture.  Ashley stepped on a lot of toes when they first embarked on their factory store model; but, overtime they have certainly proven that it is a model that can be accomplished and successfully.

Winners Only does not currently have any factory stores.  They do however, have a network of retail furniture stores (online and offline) that carry, demonstrate and sell their products.   The retail stores that carry Winners Only and the sales reps that maintain those accounts are responsible for understanding the benefits and quality features of their furniture and in most cases can do a fine job of explaining to any normal consumer what those benefits mean for them!

If you have any questions about Winners Only Furniture; don’t hesitate contact us:; or call us directly 866.794.8861 x 3.  We are an online furniture store and experts at Winners Only Furniture products.