Today we had an inquiry about selling an older Winners Only roll top desk through our site.  Through the experience it occurred to us that we’d be happy to help Winners Only owners sell their used furniture online.

Want to sell your old Winners Only Furniture?  Email us: with as many detailed pictures of the furniture and a suitable, detailed description of the furniture and we’ll post it for our users.  Put in the title of the email: “Help me sell my Winners Only Furniture Online.”

Be sure to include:

  1. Your contact email
  2. How much you want for the desk
  3. The zip code (for the buyer to pick-up the desk)
  4. Whether or not you’d be willing to deliver the desk locally
  5. Images of the desk (including potential use marks)
  6. Describe the desk in very clear detail
  7. Include the Winners Style Name and/or Model number please

Take care!  Have a wonderful holiday!