When we ship our Winners Only Furniture, we typically use the safest and best carriers in the nation.   Our delivery typically includes bringing the furniture into your home and setting it up.  We recently sold a customer the Cape Cod bedroom, two twin size headboards and a nightstand (to go between); because of the small size of the order shipping the freight with our carefullest, more expensive furniture carriers was not an option.  This customer wanted the furniture FAST and on a budget!  So, we shipped the cape cod twin headboard and nightstand (in black finish) using one of our common freight carriers.

Of course, today (10 days later) I am looking over all of our shipping manifests and I see one “refused by customer.”  And of course it’s the one customer we had to cut corners on costs for…  The reason, damage upon delivery.  Now here is the thing, we don’t typically run into these types of issues because of the partners we typically use… it’s only in rare cases where the customer needs something QUICK and when the order doesn’t fit the minimum requirements that we “go out on a limb” and send with the freight companies that carry common household items.  Normally we don’t go that route because it always pushes the likelyhood of damage, through the roof.

Now since I had personally spoken to this customer over the phone when she placed the order I went ahead and called her to follow-up and find out what was damaged.  She sighted some pretty badly mangled packaging and some pretty minor damages on furniture itself.  Long story short, she is dissatisfied with the situation and wants a return of the product so she can reselect something else.  Thus, we have two Winners Only Furniture Cape Cod Twin headboards and a nightstand (in black finish) in Missouri.  We’d be happy to sell these returned, out of box; slightly damaged items (we are getting pics); for 50% off retail.  Call 866.794.8861 x 3 to set it up!  This deal is going to the first interested party!