Building a New Executive Office Suite for the City of Clearwater

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When the city of Clearwater came to us to help source furniture and help design one of their executive suites we were flattered; we were also not expecting the number of trials and tribulations that came with the process.  This post is about the possible “problems” that arise in the furniture industry.


First Step We Take When Designing an Executive Suite:

Listen to the customers needs.  We gather as much information about the project; down to the paint color; carpet or hardwood color.  This process includes gathering photos of the office as it exists today and listening to what the client needs.


Second Step: make recommendations

Based on the information we gather through conversation and email with our clients we go through with making recommendations of specific products.  This process is not expected to be our final recommendations; rather we take this step to start narrowing down the research.


Review Feedback and create a vision board:

At this point int he process we make a recommendation like this one:

Executive Office Suite Coastal Theme


As you work through the final changes and alterations the process can take a few days or a few weeks, depending on how quickly the client needs the furnishings and how quickly they can get approvals from their purchasing department.  In the Clearwater case the problem came in because between the time we actually completed the vision board and got signed-off on the project many of the one-of-a-kind items were no longer available.  Whenever something like that happens it always disheartening because as a service we don’t bill our clients by the hour, like most interior design/decorating firms; we make back our investment in time by sourcing the actual products for the client.  When a plan goes south by virtue of missing items, it always risks the entire project… making a big loss for us.

Nonetheless, in the City of Clearwater example we were able to source out alternatives and the client is very pleased with their project!

If we can help you source and design your next executive office suite, give us a call toll free 866.794.8861 x 3.  We are here to provide you excellent customer service and most importantly top quality furniture!


Planning a New Office Space

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Planning a New Office Space:

For the person in charge of a move from one office to another, there is nothing more rewarding or challenging than trying to figure out how to best utilize the space of your new office!  The work is tough work and a truly a thankless job, figuring out the best companies to work with and partner with makes a huge difference in the experience.  This post will talk about two options for a small to large companies who are on a budget.  If you are not on a budget the answer is easy!  Pick out the best, most expensive interior design service who’ll bust down walls and customize the space to your and their desire!  If you are on a budget try one of the services below:

Building an office layout via professional Office Designer:

When on a budget there are great companies and individuals who will work with you to build a lightweight office layout.  They bill by the hour and supplement most of their income via the profit margins built into selling you the furniture that they procure for your design.  These individuals work hard to ensure that they are choosing both a eye-pleasing design, an affordable design and using the best materials available on the clients budget.   Companies big and small use these light-weight office designers because of their expertise in the market place and because of their general low cost.

Our Partner Office Designer has worked with companies like:

  1. Volcom (fashion industry)
  2. Los Angeles Times (News)
  3. Law Offices
  4. Dr. Offices

Please contact us to get connected with our office designer.

Building an office layout via Room Planning Software:

For the more do-it-yourselfer, the least expensive option for planning your next office move is to simply shop for your furniture and plug it into a room planning software, like the software offered by Furniture From Home Office.   This software will give you a great idea of the footprint that the office furniture you have chosen will have in your new office will have.  For new users contact us for a tutorial on how to maximize your space!

Listed above are two very affordable ways to get assistance in planning out your next office move.  Choosing to work with an office expert planner is the more hands-off of the two and there is a bit of a cost to using a professionals time.  Building out an office layout using online room planning software is free and takes a few hours of getting used to.  Do not hesitate to contact us: for more information or free advice on planning your next office!