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Every day we take new calls through our blogs and online furniture store; with the goal of assisting customers cut through the noise of what is available out in the market place.  Today, we assisted a very professional and organized potential client get some ideas about how to layout a new executive office suite for herself and her boss.  We were fortunate that she was prepared with dimensions of her office and a good idea about the types of uses that each person would be using in their respective offices.  Whenever I get a chance, even though we offer literally hundreds of good quality office desks, I recommend Winners Only collections.   For this client I recommended the Winners Only Classic Collection for her boss and the Winners Only Americana Collection for herself.  My reasoning for recommending Winners Only versus any number of other lines is simple, the quality, the price and the thoughtful design are superior to most other products on the market.  The layout we created and details about the quote are listed below, if you are interested in getting a similar design layout of your new office, contact us:

Design Plan for Suite 100

Design Plan for Your Typical Office

Name Retail Price Package Price QTY Total
Executive Desk





Credenza Desk





Credenza Hutch





36″ Lateral File





Open Bookcase






Features and Benefits:

  • Dovetailed Drawers
  • Best quality finish application in the industry
  • Finished drawers, inside and out
  • The best high quality, commercial grade drawer glides used
  • Thoughtfully designed with many modern conveniences
    • Wire management
    • Computer storage
    • Laptop Storage
    • Pull out trays
    • Cell phone easy access plugin

About the layout:

In this office you have a lot of “extra” space to fill in with additional furnishings/decorations as needed.  On the left side of the room (in the image) is a rack for a 9’ surf board, as decoration.  That wall could just as easily house additional bookcases if needed.

About our pricing:

Listed pricing is the suggested retail price.  Our package price represents the lowest online advertised price.  We will earn you’re business through low prices and superior service.

Recent Purchases and Famous Buyers:

We recently installed the Americana Collection (Suite 213) in the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara.  President George Bush Sr. owns the Winners Only Classic Collection (suite) executive desk.   This line and the products are bring recommended based on quality, features and price.


Our bonded and insured delivery team will call to schedule a delivery ahead of time; they’ll bring the furniture into the office, set it up and take out all the trash.  Weekend or late afternoon delivery is an option.

More Information:

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  3. Milan Rousset (Your Southern Ca. Furniture Enthusiast)
  4. Barcelona Collection (our Barcelona Spanish Revival Site)

Executive Desk Collection | Classic Collection Winners Only

Credenza Desk and Hutch | Classic Collection Winners Only

Winners Executive Desk Detail Shot


A Solid Wood Desk versus a Desk Made with Veneers, whats the difference?

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Today I received a great question from Anne; who asked: “How is this office furniture constructed?  Is it made with veneers?” – now I field this question a lot, so I though it would be best to put my answer and ensuing information down on a post for all to see!  If you have any questions after reading this post about the virtues of solid wood construction versus veneer construction (or the other way around), email me at  At our home furniture store, we’re waiting to serve you!

First let me start with this:

This article is NOT meant to convince you that Solid wood office desks are inferior… I’m not going to waste my time trying to tell you that you should buy a product made with veneer (inherently inferior in strength.)  There are a TON of good reasons to buy a product made with veneer… Because it going to last longer than a solid wood desk, is not one of the qualities!

What is Veneer?

There are three types of veneer:

Paper Veneer: a paper product usually printed with a wood grain glued on top of MDF (medium density fiberboard) and passed off as wood furniture… it’s the cheapest, ugliest, tackiest stuff that anybody taking the time to read this blog would NEVER order for their home.

Plastic Veneer: a plastic usually about a 1/16″ thick that is glued on top of MDF.  It’s the second cheapest; not necessarily ugly (depending on the style – think Ikea) – you likely had this type of furniture in your younger years… but, again, if you are taking the time to read the words on this blog, this is not likely the type of home office furnishings that you want!

Wood Veneer: a thin slice of wood that is glued over MDF and sometimes solid wood components.  It’s commonly used in quality home furnishings for the reasons described below

If you are reading this blog, do not buy plastic or paper veneer products.  They are beneath you.  Having said that, there are reasons why Wood Veneer desks are so easy to come by and solid wood desks are not.

How is Wood Veneer Made?

Picture pealing an apple.  You start on the outside core of the apple and you make a thin continuous slice.  Large logs are stripped of their branches and then run through high tech laser cutting mill, which cuts the log from the outside in, much like you would peal your apple.  That thin slice of wood is then cut into manageable piece and straightened for production in furniture.

Quality Wood Veneer Construction:

A quality wood veneer desk (like those offered for sale in our home office department) is made with a solid wood structure and then finished with a beautiful wood veneer in the flat open areas.  This construction technique allows the manufacturer to use less wood; spend less time kiln drying solid wood components and most importantly get more creative with the intricate designs that we are accustomed to seeing in quality furnishings.  So to recap: a quality wood veneer desk has a solid wood frame and wood veneer over the large open surface areas.  The solid wood frame makes the desk sturdy and resistent to damage; the wood veneer saves money and allows for a more intricate design.

Why can’t I find Solid Wood Office Desks?

You can.  Here is a link to some of the finest solid wood office desks in the country.  But, why do you want solid wood office desks?  Solid wood desks are decidedly more simple in design and considerably more expensive.  A quality wood veneer desk is usually going to be much more beautifully designed and the longevity of life doesn’t have to be compromised just because a desk is made with veneer.   What you really want to stay away from is poorly made veneer desks.  You can tell the difference by asking any expert, like myself, to compare for you.  Or you can stick to well known brands, like Winners Only Furniture, which makes the finest wood veneer desk in their price point.