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Showing the Quality of the Americana Home Office Collection

 Quality Construction: Click images for full size view: Why it’s important:
Full Extension Glides
Full extension glides add to the overall longevity of the furniture’s life.
Cherry Woods
 Cherry Wood Grain Pattern  Cherry wood has a very distinctive and dramatic grain pattern.  It’s a highly regarded look in quality furnishings.
Finished Drawers
 Finished drawers  Sanded and finished drawers show off the fine Cherry pattern of the Americana drawers.
Quality Hardware
 Fittings that fit
Flush and securely fastened hardware are simple but important features of this desk.
Overall Quality Construction
 Touch lighting This isn’t the least expensive desk on the market… though it is the best value.

Cape Cod Collection – Color Issues

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For a Quote on the Winners Only Cape Cod collection, call us toll free 866.794.8861 x 3.  Or email us


One of our best selling Winners Only bedroom sets is the cape cod collection.  And for good reason, it’s a beautiful, nice quality, affordable piece of furniture.  It is probably the best value available in the marketplace today for a country bumpkin; ocean-breeze type of collection.  The collection is available in 4 color choices:

White Cape Cod Collection from Winners Only


Black Cape Cod Bedroom Set from Winners Only


Chocolate Cape Cod Collection from Winners Only


Buttermilk Cape Cod Collection from Winners Only

Of all of our online furniture sales the most common return issue is due to everyone’s perspective of the color white.  Over the years we’ve even tempted ourselves by getting rid of all of our white furniture!  The buttermilk cape cod collection from Winners Only is one of our highest returned items… The reason is that the actual product is greener in color than actually photographed.  We have additional images that we’ll be posting soon, stay tuned.  Email us for an example in the meantime.

My advice is to only buy the buttermilk cape cod collection if you are open to a slightly more green finish than photographed… or if you are not too picky about the finish coming in.  Otherwise, my advice is to buy the bed from a local furniture store where you can actually view the product and see for yourself.

Email us and we’ll send you a sample of the color from a bed we have in inventory… Or finally, email us a picture of your room and we’ll help guide you to the right product!

Winners Only Office Furniture | Forest Glenn Collection

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The Forest Glenn Collection by Winners Only Furniture is similar to their existing lines, just with a fresh new finish!  With the Forest Glenn Collection what you are getting is Country Styled Office collection with an executive desk, option of a Forest Glenn Credenza Desk with hutch and locking file cabinet.  As with all Winners Only Home Office Furniture, the Forest Glenn collection has the following quality benefits:

  • Made by Winners Only
    • Winners Only doesn’t source this product out to other manufacturers they actually produce this desk
    • Winners Only actually controls the design/production/packaging/ and most importantly Quality Control
  • State of the art finish application
    • Winners Only has built an impressive state-of-the-art finishing facility which offers a controlled, dust-free environment geared toward making their finish, smoother; cleaner and stronger.
  • Fine Details:
    • Locking drawers
    • Sanded and FINISHED drawers
    • Dovetailed construction
    • Drawer glides that are smooth and practically noise free (no sandy gritty feel when you pull the drawer out)
  • Celebrity Ownership
    • Winners Only is the chosen desk for many cost conscious; quality conscious consumers including:
      • Reagan Library (for whom Furniture From Home was the supplier)
      • The private home of George W. Bush Sr.
      • Many home across the nation with an eye for quality affordable furnishings.

How to get a quote for the Forest Glenn Collection by Winners Only.  Email with the items you need and your shipping zip code for an almost instant quote.  Or call us toll free 866.794.8861 x 3 for sales.

The Future of the Home Office: Koncept

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In order for a leader in any business environment to stay relevant and most important, profitable, the company needs to follow and harness the changes that are occurring in society.  As technology continues it’s constant advancement, the time that changes occur and the time it takes to bring the new products to market become faster and faster.  For example, in the realm of  tchotchkes , USA Today, broke a story about how within hours of the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death products were already being sold.  In other areas, based on the development of the IPad, by Apple; a small industry of unique Ipad cover makers are born, almost overnight!   The furniture industry (my core area of expertise) is notoriously slow at adapting to change and technology.   One of the companies that we work with that is constantly adapting and adopting change into their product lines is Winners Only Furniture.

A Historical Look at a Positive Change in Society (for Home Office Furniture makers)

When working from home began becoming more mainstream the home office furniture suppliers were abuzz about the news.  For many home office furniture suppliers it meant a period of 5 – 10 years of steady growth in an otherwise very small niche.  For furniture industry brands that focused in other, larger niches in the industry, it meant finally dipping their baby-toes into the home office niche.   For Winners Only Furniture which had already established itself as a leader in the Home Office Furnishings niche, it meant cautiously ramping up their offerings.

The Future of our Home Office Furniture:

My opinion about the future of Home Office is that the design of home offices aren’t going to be as encumbered by the necessity of over-sized equipment, as it has been in the past.   The future home office will be mostly based on ergonomic design with more emphasis put onto look and feel of the home office space.  The reason for the change is because of the decrease in size of our equipment.  Technologically things are moving at a quick pace toward computing on the cloud which decreases our need for storage devices in-home.  As our equipment space needs get to be less and less, designers and producers of home office desks and work stations will be free to spend more time figuring out how to make the pieces totally artistic and/or ergonomic; without limiting themselves to the housing needs of your CPU.

Take for example Winners Only Furniture’s latest introduction, Koncept.  As the name suggests, this new, fresh design for a home office is conceptual in it’s debut.  Here is a product that is designed for serious computer use, without the help of a CPU storage cabinet.  In my opinion this product is way ahead of it’s time.  Chromebook is only now making news, and will surely be a small revolution in the home computing world.  Koncept by contrast has been in design phase for over a year and been at test markets for 6 months.

Koncept L Shaped Desk in Chocolate Finish

Koncept L Shaped Desk in Chocolate Finish

Regardless of it’s ahead-of-it’s-time pedigree, Koncept has already proven itself both for Winners Only across their test markets and for us, exclusively in our online store.   It’s already a favorite in design and quality as people recognize more and more that they really don’t need to encumber their space with a CPU cabinet.

As for quality, Winners Only is known for giving consumers value without compromising on quality and their Koncept desks are made exclusively with Winners Only finest materials.  Perhaps this is why it’s recognized by so many professionals in the market place as a concept that is here it stay!

C’est la vie old computer desks with CPU cabinets.  Say hello to Koncept and the beginning of what surely will be a revolution in the Home Office realm, as we move toward smaller and more ergonomically manufactured home office solutions.



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