My name is Milan Rousset.  I’m not a writer.  I”m not a marketer.  I’m a self proclaimed furniture guy.  I literally grew up on the floor of furniture show rooms.  I started by sleeping under my dads desk at his store in my red onesie; when I was old enough I helped the warehouse guys keep inventory; moved to helping the driver make deliveries; became the driver; moved to the sales floor; eventually managed the sales team and finally became a buyer.  Eventually I smartened up and graduated from the University of Santa Barbara with a degree in Political Science.  After graduation I surprised my whole family by going back into the furniture biz. My passion and life’s path is to help people enhance their home with quality furnishings.  I’m founder and CEO of the friendliest online furniture store, FurnitureFromHome.com.

I’m passionate about the furniture industry.  I love the furniture industry.  I think that furniture is much like fashion… except better.  Though I think that we (the industry) are WAY behind the times… and I think consumers are getting trained by unwitting retailers to treat furniture like a commodity (more on that later…)  Unfortunately this industry is filled with passionless, inspired-less, not-worth-darn-thing suppliers of furniture and the retail chronies that keep them in business…  It’s because the line between a good quality supplier and a poor supplier are so hazy and confusing to consumers that I have decided to one-by-one bring to market the best of the best and their story.  This entire blog is dedicated to Winners Only Furniture.  Winners Only Furniture is an awesome company; they offer a fantastic product and even I, a guy that professionally looks at furniture, would be proud to have a winners only product in my home (and I do.)  Read the blog to find out why Winners Only should be on your shortlist of Furniture Brands to shop from!

*Disclaimer: I’m a furniture guy.  Not a writer and not a marketer.  This blog is informal and unedited.  Thank you for understanding.



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