The first week of February has come and gone.  And while you were enjoying the various snow storms; Super Bowl and Presidential Primary debates; we, in the furniture industry, have been slogging away at the World Market in Las Vegas.  The Las Vegas furniture market is one of the larger furniture-only trade show events of the year and Winners Only has a huge space, beautifully set-up to show-off all the new collections and their best sellers.  This years Winter trade show was one of the best showings at Vegas for Winners Only to date.   Curious, I implored a bit into why they did so GREAT this event.  Here is what I found:


This year Winners has decided to keep on the lions share of their collections.  Most years there are significant cuts to make room for the new products.  With the success of the last year and the promise of the new designs, they are keeping most of their old designs, while at the same time bringing on new looks!


Winners Only has stepped it up in the quality department.  Their signature desks all have the BEST constructions compared to anything else out there in the marketplace.   The quality aspect is especially apparent when you consider that over the last two years, many manufacturers have cut additional corners to stay competitive and bring pricing down.  Winners Only has maintained their keystone quality characteristics throughout the recession; a statement that will surely follow the brand forever.  Coming soon will be a comparison chart with images of Winners Only quality next to other home office furniture manufacturers.  Stay tuned!

New Collections:

Winners Only introduced a few new dining room collections; a new entertainment center grouping and a new home office concept.  The new home office collection features all of their hallmark quality treatments and allows the consumer to basically build the desk to the spec of their desires.  The desks are completely modular with removable tops in 16″ sections.  You can buy a 16″ top; 32″ top or a 48″ top and create a desk that matches your space, as closely as possible… without going the custom desk route.


While most manufacturers of furniture were introducing new price lists with sometimes 10 – 15% price increases; Winners Only has maintained their pricing (for now at least).  They cite controlled costs and improvements in their supply chain as reasons why they have been able to continue to bring value, in spite of the constantly increasing costs of labor and raw materials.

As a result of the successes Winners Only had one of their best showings to date.  What this means to you is that a store near you may be bringing a Winners Only sample onto their floor!  In the meantime, if you want to preview what we’ve got online go to our furniture store.  And if you want to see a preview of the comparison of Winners Only’s quality versus other manufacturers of Home Office Furniture, check out this corner desk.

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