At the start of each of my blog posts it is important to me to be totally upfront about where I’m coming from and what my goals are.  My name is Milan Rousset and I’m a furniture guy.  This post is extremely biased as I am one the biggest Winner’s Only Furniture fans out there.   Not only am I a huge fan of the line and its quality products and the executive team that stands behind the products; I am also founder and CEO of the webs friendliest furniture store, which is also a long time partner of Winners Only Furniture.  We sell Winners Only Furniture in our store and the Winners Only brand is one of our most popular product mixes.   So, in conclusion to say that I am unbiased would be an understatement.  At the same time though, I’m the type of guy that has been around furniture my whole life, so I hope that my feedback on the line and it’s virtues helps others who are trying to do some research!

Classic Cherry Home Office Peninsula Desk Set by Winners Only Furniture

Today’s post is about the Winners Only Classics Home office suite.  My goal is that by the end of reading this post you will have as much information as you need to confidently position the Classics home office suite by Winners Only Furniture on the top of your short list of product choices.  In the event that I don’t completely answer all of your questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email me directly.  My email is listed at the bottom of this post.

The Classic home office suite by Winners only includes the following sets (and more are available):

Small Modular Wall | Classic Collection by Winners Only


Executive Desk Set | Classic Collection from Winners Only

Large Modular Wall | Classic Winners Only Furniture Office Suite
Winners Only Computer Armoire

Computer Armoire | Classic Cherry Winners Only Furniture

Home Office Set | L Shaped Desk

L Shaped Desk Suite | Classic Collection from Winners Only

This collection is available in two wood preferences, Classic Cherry wood or Classic Oak wood.  As a consumer, just the fact that Winners Only is giving us the choice between the very subtle difference in wood grains, should be an indication for how the overall quality is on this line.  I’ve written about the Winners Only signature quality features at length in other posts, so I”m not going to go into detail on this post about their signature quality; I will however quickly list the quality features that everyone looks for… and then I will list the quality features that I think that is most to what a consumer should be looking for in a quality product:

First I’m listing the commonly sought after features that consumers seek:

  1. Solid wood with wood veneer
  2. Dovetailed drawers
  3. Metal ball bearing side glides
  4. Multi-step finishing process
  5. Manufactured by a well known brand

Now I’m going to quickly list the things that I think differentiate Winners Only from anything else available out there… (I’ve posted in depth information in many other posts on this blog so feel free to surf the blog for a more in depth review of these points):

  • Thoughtfully designed: Winners Only focuses their attention primarily on the Home Office segment of the market.  With such a singular focus they can afford to be creative and thoughtful in the design of their merchandise.  In many cases they are industry pioneers, not followers.
  • Quality finish: I’ve said it over and over again in this blog and I repeat myself to customers all the time.  The quality of the finish on the Winners Only home office suites is incredible… especially if you compare it side by side with something else in the same price point.   It’s not by accident that Winners Only has a superior finish quality, Winners Only finishes their home office collections in their own state-of-the-art, dust-free facility.
  • Drawer Construction: Drawers are one of the more time consuming parts of creating a piece of furniture.  Many manufacturers don’t take the extra time and resources to carefully sand and finish the inside of drawers.  For most of Winners Only drawers in this collection they have done just that.  It’s a finishing touch that is definitely a huge plus for me.
  • Thoughtfully placed power station: I’ve seen desks more expensive than Winners Only with power stations awkwardly placed in random places on the desk itself.  Not only is the power station ergonomically placed with Winners Only, it is attractively concealed behind a frame.
  • Easy access CPU shelf: As pictured below, the printer shelf is also a CPU shelf; above the printer is a removable shelf.  The retractable characteristic of the CPU shelf is something that most manufacturers would over look to control costs… at first it might not seem like a big loss, but to an expert like myself, it is a deal breaker.
  • Price point: The Classic Collection from Winners Only Furniture is very competitively priced.  I am very familiar with lesser quality pieces, from well known manufacturers, for much more than what you will pay for the Classic home office furniture collection from Winners Only in our store.  This point is a tribute to Winners Only controlling their costs and focusing their energy specifically in the Home Office niche, of which they are known leaders in the industry.

Example of the Quality of Winners Only Classic Home Office Suite

In the picture above from the 72″ executive desk from the Classic Collection from Winners Only pay attention to the:

  • Locking File Drawer
  • Finished Drawers inside and out
  • Dovetailed Drawers
  • Finished pencil/paperclip storage
  • Wood drawer cover that doubles as a mouse pad
  • Framed power strip, ergonomically placed
  • Removable shelf
  • Retractable shelf for your printer or CPU
Peninsula Desk

Peninsula Desk Quality Details | Winners Only Classic Home Office Suite

With the above image of the Classic Cherry Winners Only Peninsula Desk, pay attention to the following details:

  • Beautiful satin cherry finish, that accentuates the wood grain
  • Finished inside drawers
  • Locking file drawer
  • Quality mechanisms
  • Quality and tastefully selected drawer pulls
  • Almost seamless assembly of peninsula desk
Credenza Desk | Hutch

Credenza Desk and Hutch | Classic Collection by Winners Only Furniture

The above image is of the Classic Collection Credenza Desk and hutch, pay attention to the following quality features:

  • Innovative use of space for modern storage of cell phone and PDA’s.
  • Dovetailed Drawers
  • Wood drawer top doubles as mouse pad
  • Quality finish that you can actually see
  • Locking file drawer
  • Lighting in hutch

For the consumer looking for a quality piece of furniture I wholeheartedly recommend the Classic Home Office Collection by Winners Only.  And, if you buy this collection from our furniture store, I can guarantee that not only will your furniture be exceptional; the service you receive will be top notch.   My store provides consumers in the USA with free shipping; in home delivery and set-up and our pricing is fair and competitively priced for the services and product we provide.  Additionally, we care about your business so in the event that you find an item for less at another online store, we’ll match or beat the price. Visit us at our winners only sales page.  Feel free to email me direct,  Or call my Winners Only trained sales staff at toll free 866-794-8861 (option 3).